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Special Thanks

Children's Day is Coming to Town!

We had a wonderful New Years 1/1/2013 party. We had a wonderful time! These are some of the people who stayed late. There were other folks too, but I didn't get pictures till really late. We had a very meaningful time. - And lots of FUN!

Gosh it is really worth while. Really fun. And the time is only 4 months. People can just do what they wish. No pressure. We could use some magic to move Children's Day along into a larger presence in reality.

Special Thanks To The Many Wonderful Friends of Children's Day...

You'll know who you are because you feel it in your heart!

Thanks Also to Lots of Wonderful Volunteers - of all ages! ...

Thanks Especially To The Entertainers and To All the Space/Booth Participant

Santa supports the Children's Day all over the world ! ! !

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